On Wednesday mornings, you can find Richard Laninga delivering meals to homebound seniors on the very same route that he has been driving for four and a half years. Our program is so grateful for volunteers like Richard that readily give their time to those in need.

Richard was born and raised in the Grand Rapids area and began volunteering with Meals on Wheels because he felt a “strong desire to be of service to the community and give back to those in need.”

Richard worked at Saint Mary’s Hospital for over 40 years before retiring. He started as a medical technician and then became a biomedical engineer at the hospital. It was at Saint Mary’s that Richard met his wife, also a medical technician. Now after retiring, the two spend much of their time traveling around Michigan and babysitting their two grandkids, 9 and 5-year-old boys. Richard also has a passion for music, as he plays the trombone and spends some time rehearsing with a band.

The delivery staff are so appreciative for Richard being a part of our team at Meals on Wheels. They have expressed how they can always rely on him to be there and to be ready to deliver the meals on his route. And Richard says that he most enjoys interacting with the clients on his route and having the full support of the delivery department staff as well.

We are so thankful for Richard’s commitment to our program and so grateful to have him as a part of our team. We appreciate him, and others like him who give so generously of their time to reach homebound seniors in our community.  Thank you, Richard!