Sheila has been a strong asset to our kitchen ever since she started volunteering with Meals on Wheels back in April of this year. It all started when she volunteered with her apartment complex at our kitchen for a day, that she saw the need for volunteers first hand, and just wanted to help. Sheila volunteers in our Home Delivered Meal tray-line room every Thursday for about 3 hours. And she often goes above and beyond what is needed and stays for extra time if things still need to be done. She has such humility that when asked why she volunteers and does all that she does, she replies, “why not? If the meal isn’t done yet, why not stay and help until it is.”

Sheila was born in Texas and has lived back and forth in Texas and Michigan for much of her life, but she likes Michigan better, she says. Sheila worked for the city of Grand Rapids at the 61st District Court as a record clerk for thirteen years before she retired. Sheila has also suffered two strokes, but has since recovered well and now volunteers at Mary Free Bed as a mentor. Sheila has a heart for volunteering and giving her time to others. She also enjoys bowling, and seeing movies and tv.

Melissa Ivy, the HDM room Supervisor, has been so thankful for Sheila, when they lost one of their regular volunteers, Sheila would come in extra days to help out, “She has a positive attitude and brightens up our day. She even goes out of her way to stay a little later until the meal we are working on is finished. We want to thank her for that!” Melissa says. And Sheila couldn’t speak more highly of Melissa and everyone else in the HDM room as well. She says that’s her favorite part of volunteering at Meals on Wheels, that everyone has been so nice and kind to work with. She expressed her appreciation for Melissa, saying that even though she is the supervisor in the HDM room, she doesn’t ‘boss’ people around, she instead encourages everyone and just jumps right in to help everyone else. Sheila says, “it’s a blessing to actually be recognized and respected for what you’re doing, and that’s how Melissa and everyone else in the kitchen makes me feel.”

Sheila has another special connection to our mission, as her mother is a recipient of our meals! And furthermore, Sheila said she wished she knew about Meals on Wheels back when she had her strokes, as she could have benefitted from the program then. But since she’s been involved in volunteering, she now knows how to educate others and knows the value of Meals on Wheels as an organization.

We are so thankful for Sheila’s commitment to our program and so grateful to have her as a part of our team. We appreciate her, and others like her who give so generously of their time to reach seniors in our community.  Thank you, Sheila!