Board of Directors

Bill Kozak

Board Chair
About Bill
Bill Kozak has been serving on the Board of Directors of MOWWM for 25 years. He is our current Board Chair, as of fall 2015. Bill has an Associates of Arts & Science in Surveying & Topographical Mapping from Ferris State University and a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Michigan Technological University. He has been an engineer at Moore & Bruggink Consulting for 38 years. Aside from MOWWM, Bill served on the Board of Moore & Bruggink, Inc. for 30 years as their Secretary/Treasurer and the Board of Founders Bank & Trust for 11 years.

Tom Postmus

Vice-Chair and Treasurer 
About Tom
Tom, Treasurer, has been serving on MOWWM’s board for over 20 years. In his professional life, Tom has served as a Kent County Commissioner, worked at K & T Sales for 30 years, and currently works in sales at Zeeland Food Services, Inc. Tom has always had a passion to better our community, and believes that our community members have the power to bring stability and prosperity to Kent County. He has given his time to chair the Kent County Public Works Board and serve on the John Ball Park and Zoo Advisory Board, all in addition to his dedication to protecting seniors’ rights.

James Vaughn

About James
James, otherwise known as Jim, Vaughn, is the Secretary of MOWWM’s board, and he began his service on the Board in 2005.  Jim was President/CEO of Just Jobs from 2008 until 2016 when he retired, after working hard to help ex-offenders find employment.  For 16 years he served on the Board of the Kent County Commission, until retiring in 2010.  Jim was a faculty member of Grand Rapids Community College from 1979 to 2009, and from 1974 to 1975 he was an Administrator for the City of Grand Rapids, running a job training program (CETA). In another role, Jim worked with youth at the Kent County Detention Center, from 1968 to 1974.  Jim has spent most of his adult life helping needy residents in Kent County.  Jim states that, “helping the seniors with Meals on Wheels is some of the smartest and effective money spent by the tax payers in Kent County.”

Chef Oliver Hale, CEC

About Chef O
Chef O began serving on MOWWM’s board in the late 90’s, until he took a break and rejoined us in 2013. He is a retired Healthy Lifestyle Chef and a former TV Cooking Show Host. Chef O has a great passion for food and for those who enjoy eating good, nutritious food. Being a part of our board has given him the opportunity to voice an opinion on what is healthy for those who are receiving meals. Over 20+ years, Chef O has seen Meals on Wheels grow to great heights and is proud to have seen us meet every challenge along the way. He has said that he would like to see MOWWM “become a source for disaster relief for the area and move into doing small catering events to aid in raising needed funds for the under-served population.”

Harold Mast

About Harold
Harold Mast has been serving on the Board for 4 years, beginning his journey in 2012. He came to us with 38 years of non-profit administration experience. Harold was Assistant Director at Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Service for 28 years, and then was the Executive Director at Genesis Non-Profit Housing Development for 10 years. Harold continued his community service when serving as a Kentwood City Commissioner for 14 years and as Kent County Commissioner the last 18 years. He serves on the Michigan Commission on Aging, and is very active in the Veteran Association for the state. “We need to find a way to better serve the vulnerable among us, and elderly are one of these groups.” Harold’s passions include helping solve issues in human service. “My passion and dream for Meals on Wheels is to see every senior in Kent County—regardless of income and socioeconomic status and race—be given a full meal each day.”

Mark McGregor

About Mark
Mark McGregor started serving on the board for MOWWM in 2006. Mark is the former Partner and COO of Salon Enterprises, the management company for Panopoulos Salons, Haircut Plus Salons, and Chic Schools of Cosmetology. Mark served on the Board of Directors of the International Chain Salon Association from 1994 – 2004. He also served as the Board Chair of the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre in 2006, where he acted as a Trustee of the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre Endowment Fund. He began a new career path as a Commercial Real Estate Realtor in 2005 to 2011. Throughout his time on MOWWM’s Board of Directors, Mark has served on the Real Estate Committee to help find our new (current) location in Grandville. He also was active on the Fundraising Committee for our capital campaign for the funding of our new kitchen and location. Mark hopes “to see Meals on Wheels grow and be able to touch even more deserving people.”