It is only fitting that our very first Volunteer of the Month ever is also our very first repeat honoree! Judy has been volunteering in the Meals on Wheels kitchen helping prepare meals for our seniors for about 6 years now. She’s kept her consistent schedule and has seen the program grow and expand throughout the years, remaining a dedicated volunteer to the programs mission of supporting the health and independence of our seniors.
The reason Judy has stuck around for so many years is simply because she enjoys the work she is doing. Not only is volunteering something to keep one busy, but it’s so nice to be a part of something bigger than oneself. She says, “it feels good to give something of yourself and have a purpose in mind.” As a self-proclaimed ‘people person’, Judy lives to serve people and be around people, making her time with the staff and volunteers in the kitchen not only fun, but a very rewarding part of her week.
Born and raised in Zeeland, Judy has grown to love the beautiful state of Michigan that we live in. She and her husband raised their two daughters here, whom both still live in the area and are now raising their children of their own. Judy has four granddaughters and one grandson that she is grateful to be able to see and visit with often. It is evident that family is important to Judy, as she is near hers as often as she can, but it is also evident that her family is one that deeply cares about people and what they can do to help others.
When speaking with Judy, or speaking to the kitchen staff about Judy, it is clear that she is a hard worker through and through. She says that work ethic comes from her parents teaching her and her sisters the value of hard work and not to be afraid to work. Judy has worked in blue collar jobs for much of her life and appreciates the physical aspect of it and the ability to keep moving and keep busy. Her husband started an industrial automation business 25 years ago, and the couple have been working on that together for the entirety of its existence. Judy works from home and handles all of the administrative work for the company, while her husband manages the networking aspect of it. Needless to say, Judy is busy, but she likes it that way.
Volunteers like Judy are such an intrinsic value to our organization. They are people that find a deeper reward in the time that they are giving to help someone in need, all the while enjoying the work that is being done as well as the people they are working with. Judy could not have spoke more highly of the staff and volunteers that she works with on Wednesdays in the kitchen, adding that they are one of her favorite parts of volunteering with Meals on Wheels Western Michigan. And that feeling is mutual, as Judy has been a dependable and dedicated volunteer for so many years now, its hard to see what it would even be like without her continued help.
We are so thankful for Judy’s commitment to our program and so grateful to have her as a part of our team. We appreciate her, and others like her who give so generously of their time to reach homebound seniors in our community. Thank you, Judy!