Beginning in August of this year, our team at Meals on Wheels have been working on packing emergency meals for our seniors. These are shelf stable items packed into boxes that serve as an emergency meal in the case of inclement weather causing our regular deliveries to be cancelled. This year has been the busiest yet with orders and we are SO grateful to have had ALL volunteer groups working on packing these meals for us! That’s over 11,000 emergency meals packed by volunteers!!

These two groups in particular had a huge hand in that overall number of meals packed, as their teams came back multiple times over the course of August through December to help assemble these meals. In total, the teams from Kellogg have packed over 2,500 emergency meals!

And the teams from SpartanNash packed over 1,800 emergency meals for our seniors! We would NOT have been able to keep up with this busy emergency meal season without these amazing groups of volunteers, as well as the dozens of other groups that have helped us pack these meals for the last few months! It just goes to show the incredible impact that many hands working together as a team can have. We are eternally grateful to you all!

Thank you for your commitment to our program, we are so appreciative of the time you’ve all so generously given to reach homebound seniors in our community! Thank you, Kellogg, and SpartanNash!