For the past few years, AAA Lawncare has generously donated their time in their off-season to volunteer with Meals on Wheels and deliver meals to our seniors. This year, they not only covered multiple routes 3 days a week, but they also volunteered in the kitchen making meals, and at one of our dining sites, helping to serve clients there! We also experienced a very busy winter season and needed to pull in the help from AAA to help us assemble emergency meals for our clients, and not only did they eagerly jump in to help, but they also completed record amounts of meals in the time frame that they were here! Our staff is so grateful for the dedication, efficiency, and hard work that these volunteers brought to our program and are so appreciative of their time spent with us.
Barb Campbell, our Pack Room Supervisor, raved about AAA saying, “AAA was a huge help. They never complained or didn’t put forth the effort. Every one of them were friendly and more than willing to do the job. They took very good care of our clients. I can’t wait until they come back next season!”
Our Delivery Supervisor, Shelly Smalligan says, “AAA did an amazing job volunteering with us for the entire winter season. They covered 7 delivery routes for us, trayed meals in the HDM room, packed meals on the pack table, packed emergency meals, and served meals at a dining site. Every volunteer in the group came in with a positive attitude and completed tasks without any issues. Our clients loved being visited by these wonderful, kindhearted individuals. We are very thankful for all of their help and we look forward to seeing them next year!”
Our clients have also expressed deep gratitude about their volunteer drivers from AAA Lawncare, one client calling us and spending a good 5-10 minutes telling our Delivery and Distribution Manager, Dave Woudstra, that these young people are “star quality”, and are “very helpful” and “go the extra mile”. She reiterated how wonderful and how polite they are, that they help put food away, and made sure to speak loudly as her husband is hard of hearing. She stated emphatically that they are “very, very good people” and “would trust them to no end”.
Needless to say, the many volunteers from AAA Lawncare truly made a difference in the lives of our seniors and our staff is eternally grateful for all that they brought to our organization. Thank you, AAA Lawncare!