Mary Ann has been a volunteer at the Mount Mercy Dining site for about 10 years now, just about the amount of time she’s lived in the housing center. Mary helps out with whatever is needed and is the best at rolling silverware, according to Site Coordinator, Peg Eastman. Mary Ann also volunteers at United Methodist Community House on Tuesdays and Thursdays and has been a volunteer there for about 11 years!
Mary Ann was born and raised in the Grand Rapids area and has lived there all her life. Throughout her career, she worked at several nursing homes, including Porter House, as well as the Marriott doing housekeeping. Nowadays, Mary Ann enjoys the company she has at Mt. Mercy, she knows everyone and has many friends. She loves playing bingo, bowling, pool and hanging out with her friends to chat and enjoy meals together. She knows everything about Mt. Mercy, utilizes all of the amenities of the building and used to help out at the store and chapel too.
Mary Ann loves to volunteer because she knows people need help and can fill in when they’re short-handed. She helps with the dish washing process at Mt. Mercy, the silverware and has fun with the other residents. She enjoys working and interacting with the people at the dining and loves to give hugs. Peg Eastman, Site Coordinator, says, “Mary Ann is a great asset as a volunteer. She loves talking to people, loves her coffee and loves to give hugs. She is always so willing to help out especially when we need the extra help.”
We are so thankful for Mary’s commitment to our program and so grateful to have her as a part of our team. We appreciate her, and others like her who give so generously of their time to reach homebound seniors in our community. Thank you, Mary!