Paula’s Wellness Center

Welcome to Paula’s Wellness Center, Paula is our Director of Nutrition & Quality and is a registered dietitian!

Paula has been a Registered Dietitian for over 25 years. She studied Nutrition and Dietetics at Michigan State University and Ball State University. She is passionate about family mealtimes and helping people of all ages feed themselves with care and enjoyment. Paula is dedicated to ensuring that Meals on Wheels Western Michigan makes meals that meet nutritional guidelines for seniors, but are also a pleasure to eat. 

Here you’ll find all things wellness! Every month Paula researches, designs and records helpful tips and information that help Meals on Wheels Western Michigan clients. You’ll be able to read the monthly Meals and More Guide that goes out to clients, see informational videos regarding nutrition, healthy recipes, and so much more! The videos can also be found on our social media site.

We hope you enjoy!

Paula’s Wellness Guides

Every month Paula comes out with a new Wellness Guide, called Meals and More, that goes out to all Meals on Wheels Western Michigan Clients. Inside you’ll find a variety of information to keep you healthy – so good we wanted to share it with everyone! 

Paula’s Wellness Videos

Whether we’re in Paula’s kitchen, somewhere at Meals on Wheels Western Michigan, or the nearest grocery store, Paula is here to give you her healthy recipes, tips and tricks.

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