August 2022 Wellness Guide

Find tips on reducing sodium intake, recipes to incorporate fresh peaches into your diet, and more in this month's Wellness Guide.
A crockpot behind a ton of herbs and plants
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In this Issue:

  • Monthly Observances
  • Reducing Sodium Intake
  • National Peach Month
  • Spotlight on Caregivers
  • Nutrient of the Month: Sodium
  • Featured recipes: Italian Seasoning and Summer Peach Spinach Salad
  • News from MOWWM

Featured Story: More Herbs, Less Salt!

To reduce the amount of sodium in the average American’s diet August 29 was deemed National More Herbs, Less Salt Day. On top of using the salt shaker on meals, sodium is often an ingredient used in many prepackaged and convenient foods. This means a lot of Americans are getting more sodium in their diets than they are aware of. Herbs are great for added flavor, color, or fragrance. August 29 is a great day to begin giving more attention to your salt intake while finding other creative ways to use herbs and spices to flavor food.

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