December 2022 Wellness Guide

Find important information about how to prepare for an emergency, vitamin D, and more in this month's Wellness Guide.
Colorful carrots, beets, and other root vegetables
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In this Issue:

  • Monthly Observances
  • National Root Vegetable Month
  • Be Prepared in an Emergency
  • Flu Vaccines Month
  • Spotlight on Caregivers
  • Nutrient of the Month: Vitamin D
  • Featured Recipe: Ambrosia
  • News from MOWWM

Featured Story: Be Prepared in an Emergency

Create a list of emergency contacts, family contacts, and emergency services phone numbers. Make copies of important documents, such as medical records, insurance information cards, wills, deeds, social security number, bank accounts, and tax records. Talk with family, friends, caregivers, and others if you need assistance during an emergency situation. Share your emergency plan with them. Know how to evacuate your home and have a plan of where you can go.

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