Donor Advised Fund

Unlock your giving potential; donate through an Donor Advised Fund (DAFs). At MOWWM, we recognize the diverse ways individuals can contribute to our mission. One powerful way to make an impact is through DAFs. By utilizing DAFs, you can simplify your charitable giving while maximizing your impact.

Key Benefits

Strategic GIVIng

Strategic GIVIng

A DAF allows you to take an intentional and strategic approach to your charitable giving. You can recommend grants to MOWWM (and other causes you are passionate about).

Tax Efficiency

Tax Efficiency

Enjoy immediate tax benefits when you contribute to your DAF. BY recommending grants over time, you can potentially minimize capital gains taxes and support out organization in a tax-efficient manner.

Flexibility and Simplicity

Flexibility and Simplicity

Managing your philanthropy becomes more accessible through a DAF. Recommend grants online, track your giving history and simplify your process of supporting multiple nonprofits, including MOWWM.

Create a Lasting Legacy

Create a Lasting Legacy

Your contributions through a DAF create a lasting impact, supporting our mission and leaving a positive legacy for future generations.

How to donate through your DAF

Contact your Fund Administrator

Initiate a grant recommendation to MOWWM through your administrator. Provide them with our organization information and tax ID number.

Recommend a Grant

Specify a dollar amount and any additional information. Your DAF administrator will do the rest.

Stay Informed

Connect with Ashley Diersch, Vice President of Community Impact, to discuss your gift so we can express our gratitude and ensure your wishes are honored.

Legal Name: Meals on Wheels Western Michigan

Ashley Diersch
Vice President of Community Impact
(616) 459-3111

Address: 2900 Wilson Ave. SW Suite 500, Grandville, MI 49418

Tax ID Number: 38-2535537

Maximize your giving. Through your donor advised fund you have the ability to magnify the impact and legacy of your charitable contributions. Join us in creating positive change and fostering healthy seniors in West Michigan.