January Volunteer of the Month: Hope Network Cascade!

Hope Network Cascade has been volunteering as delivery drivers with our organization for several years now.
Hope Network Cascade members huddle for a photo.
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This month we are excited to honor the incredible volunteers from Hope Network Cascade who have been volunteering as delivery drivers with our organization for several years now. Hope Network Cascade volunteers every Wednesday and Friday, delivering two Home-Delivered Meal Routes (volunteers pictured below).

Charles Muriithi, one of the leaders of the groups, says that their experience with Meals on Wheels has been so rewarding for the volunteers, as they have learned how to give back to the community and to be grateful and appreciative for everything that they have when they are serving others. Over the years, the volunteers have gotten to know the clients and are always great at encouraging the clients when they are not feeling well, assuring them that everything will be okay and leaving them with hopeful statements like, “the next time I see you, I hope that you are doing so much better.” Charles says that the volunteers look forward to the days that they deliver meals and greatly enjoy their time with our organization. When asked what the favorite part of volunteering to deliver meals with Meals on Wheels is, Charles said, “When the volunteers get to hand the meals over to the clients with a smile, the clients thank them for the meal and genuinely appreciate that they are bringing it to them and it just makes the volunteers feel so good.”

Our Delivery Supervisor, Shelly Smalligan, nominated these volunteers for several reasons, “they are highly dependable, efficient, and kindhearted. They are always smiling and bringing positive energy wherever they go. They have a very welcoming presence, always interacting with other drivers and office staff in the building. When they are out delivering, they are a source of positivity for our clients. Hope Network Cascade volunteers are valued members of the delivery team at MOWWM and we are thankful for their years of service.”

We are so thankful for the commitment of Charles, Amber, Wallen, Duane, Scott, Ryan, Duane and Stanley of the Hope Network Cascade Team to our program and so grateful to have them as a part of our team. We appreciate them, and others like them who give so generously of their time to reach homebound seniors in our community. Thank you, Hope Network Cascade!