Thank you, AAA Lawncare Volunteers!

AAA Lawn Care was nominated for their dedication to delivering meals to seniors. Thank you, AAA Lawn Care, for all you do!
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For the past two months, AAA Lawncare has been volunteering with us as delivery drivers for our program during their off-season of work. This is the third year that the company has donated their time to us during their off-season and we are eternally grateful for their commitment and dedication to us. This year, the group of 16 volunteers donated over 450 hours over the past few months. Our clients often rave about the AAA volunteers and truly enjoy the service of these volunteers. One client spoke about her driver, Tim and said, “what a wonderful young man, I can’t tell you enough about him. I told him I would adopt him as a grandson, he is so wonderful, he calls me from the truck and tells me he’s on the way to the door, so I have enough time to get to the door. He’s consistent and caring and checks on me each time to see how I’m doing, and he just cares about people. You can tell he is genuinely interested in people and I love meeting people like that, he treats everyone with respect too. I’m going to miss him being my driver!”
AAA’s involvement with our organization always comes at the perfect time for us when we are in need of some extra help during the winter months. Our Delivery Supervisor, Shelly Smalligan says, “AAA Lawn Care has been a huge help for us this winter. They are kind, hard-working guys that have an amazing rapport with the delivery staff and the clients they deliver to. They have been packing meals and delivering them for nearly two months and we appreciate the time they gave us. We are going to miss them!”
Thank you, AAA Lawncare! We appreciate all that you do for our seniors!